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   전주개인회생 ( 익산 군산 정읍 완주 김제 남원 ) 파산 무료상담센터

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[#M_ more.. | less.. | My real story.
When I used to live in a villa... There's only two houses on one floor. (Three stories)
A box of farm sweet potatoes was sent from the countryside. (I didn't know because I didn't hear from him.)
A week later, my country brother contacted me.Did you get the sweet potatoes?We said we didn't get it.
I contacted the package from the country and talked to the delivery man from my house.
It's room 302 at my house. It was delivered to room 301.

So I asked if there was a sweet potato package in room 301 a few days ago. I heard the delivery man delivered it to room 301.Do you have any?Said it.
Mrs. 301: Ah...I ate it because I thought someone sent it to my house.
It's tasteless and it's all rotten... pointing at the box.
Oh, I'm getting cursed at.Eat up... and roll a few little kids down there.
You said it's not delicious, but you ate it all for a week.

So, no, no.There's a box with a name and a wrong lake. How can it be 301?
I didn't mean to say I knew my husband's friend would let me go.
I'd rather buy it for you.Don't be so loud.
If you weren't pregnant...It was a real fight.
You've eaten everything else, and you're saying it's not good. It's rotten.You can't just say it out loud. Finally, I ordered a box of sweet potatoes for 10kg.

I sent her out in the country to eat her family.You don't think you'd send a rotten one?
You've eaten it all up, and you're talking nonsense.

Usually, people with common sense...He can't do that.
You liked free stuff.I'm in trouble..._M#]

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