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   부산개인회생전문 ( 울산 창원 통영 거제 김해 양산 진주 사천 거창 창녕 ) 파산 무료상담센터

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[#M_ more.. | less.. | Not too long ago, we had jajangmyeon delivered on the weekend. My kid was home alone and he called me. So I called my husband and eldest child to tell them not to let me wait, and no one did. So I called the company and told them to take it back because it was a wrong delivery, and they already paid for it, and they said it was Yogiyo. No, my family didn't order anyone for a while, so they came back and took it.What can I do? I don't know if I'm eating food I didn't order I don't think he's gonna call you back. He's not stupid._M#]

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