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   신용회복위원회 채무조정 개인회생 개인파산 신청자격

책임수행, 전국무방문원스톱처리,비공개빠른상담

개인회생 수임료 저렴 , 변제액 잘 나오는곳 무료상담 [ 바로가기 ]

대표무료상담번호 tel:1877-1386

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[#M_ more.. | less.. | I have that experience too. When I go to the pension, I ask the boss and order the meat on the internet in advance. The boss contacted me that he had received it, so when I went there on the same day, it wasn't in the refrigerator. When I asked, the boss mistook the date and said he put it in yesterday, and asked if it was really there. They said they didn't even open the box. It turned out that the previous day, they ripped off the box with their names written on it and went to barbecue. Did you just give it to the boss? So the boss apologized and bought me another piece of meat. If it's not what you bought, you should ask before you eat._M#]

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