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[#M_ | | I'm not asking you to lend me your name if it's a good, trouble-free company. Why would you lend me the name of the company that has a problem? And what kind of name does the tax problem disappear?Don't ever do that when the word itself smells illegal. And as soon as you lend me your name, you'll have to pay a lot of Tsuni tax insurance. And you're going to allow your husband to do that?Tell your husband the truth, and if he asks me to do that, I don't have the big problem of giving him his name, and I talked to him, and he said no. I don't want my daughter divorced. Tell him not to talk anymore. It's better to be sad for a moment. No, never do it for me even if I'm done with it. I'll be in debt for the rest of my life. And you'll get divorced._M#]

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