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[#M_ | |If the sanitary pad is too much for you, I recommend baby diapers (you have straight diapers instead of panties) It's much cheaper and longer than sanitary pads, so I don't even count them! There's no harmful substance. I've only used diapers since I was in middle school. I recommend it because it's so good. It's not a commercial. There are a lot of gifticons that I don't use. Can you leave them in the comments on my Instagram account or my Kakao ID? I think it'd be great if the student would accept it if I didn't use it. I want to repay you for all the favors I've received in my life. It'll be convenient if your Instagram account doesn't have to be robbed of your personal information, and you just have to delete your account right after you get the gifticon._M#]
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